Wednesday, April 20, 2011

SO here is a REAL post! :)

SOOOOooooo basically... well It's been a really long time, huh? Where to start?... I guess I'll look through the pics & show some favs!!! Here we go...

Well, we had a baby... (yes, another one)

Emma came to join us Feb 5Th 2011!
So Here is our first picture as our completed family. (Be nice... I JUST gave life to a human)But boy we are a good looking group! :)

Since then, well it's been crazy. But you know that good kind of crazy? You know where you can't find time to shower or pee for that matter?... well I do, and I know it all to well. Here's our updated "Christmas Card" to get you all caught up!

She is a very lucky girl, who has had a BIG year!!! She is now in Kindergarten!!!! She got to go to Hawaii with Daddy! She is also riding on 2 wheels, loves singing, does gymnastics 3 times a week, she is learning to read, she now has her own room OH & she just lost her 1st tooth!!! She is such a fantastic big sister, cousin, friend, daughter and example to her siblings!

Well she just turned 4!!!! WOWZA, i don't know why really, but this birthday was hard for me. Bitter sweet and yet SO exciting! She is such a unique little one. She has the most loving personality but can burn you with just a tiny little look... she has a fire inside of her that both stands up for what she knows is right and yet the kindest nature. She loves to ride her bike, go to preschool, attend gymnastics & everyday without fail... she wants to see her cousins! Any of them, all of them, she just wants them!!!

Will soon be 2, June 1st!!! (WHAT? yeah, I know my last post was his birth!!!! hahahah) You look at Mas and can see only kindness in his eyes, untainted purity. He loves his sisters more than anything in this world!!! All of them. He literally "takes roll" when he wakes up in the morning, after is nap.... ALL THE TIME!!! And if someone is not there, be prepared to answer when he asks!!! :) He loves to play! Balls & Cars... he's a boy! But lately, he LOVES bikes!!! We don't have one that fits him just yet (his baby bikes just won't do) so for now... He rides on 2 wheels, while I balance and pull him! :)

Well, she is fabulous. She is healthy, strong & tolerant... which might be her best quality, cause she is hugged/hounded, kissed/smothered ALL day long!!! She truly does kinda groan out of happiness when Mas sticks his head into her car seat though!!! She loves her siblings. She is a quiet baby, and truth be told... sometimes I forget she's in the room at all! :)

All in all, life doesn't stop. It just keeps going, whether I blog or not... but I will honestly TRY to be more diligent! :)


Carter Family said...

You described all the kids to a tee. They are great kids!!!

sunnydays photography said...

holy crap! i can't even belive my computer reconized your url address!! ;) they are growing so fast its unreal. ella in that dress in hawaii... such a big girl and totally gorgeous. i can't wait to see you guys more this summer now that you're closer!

Missy said...

They are so cute!!